DC NPUG Winter20 Release Highlights


Release notes : https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/winter20/release-notes/salesforce_release_notes.htm

Useful blogs
jen lee : https://jenwlee.wordpress.com/2019/09/23/winter-20-release-highlights/

gears crm : https://www.gearscrm.com/salesforce-winter-20-features-lightning-sales-cloud-einstein-sales-cloud-and-force/

Significant improvements to two long-neglected areas
Opportunity Contact Roles go business class
– custom fields, page layouts, validation rules
– triggers
– customize which fields display on the related list on opps
– no workflows / processes (code - not clicks!!)
– no record types :(
– no custom buttons
– And for $(%RI$%(#$)% sake, I still could not find a way to display the role field itself on the opp related list on contact. you can only see your custom fields on the contact roles related list on opps.

– Editing custom fields are lightning only, you can view em in classic on the related list

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 10.11.31 AM.png

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 10.15.56 AM.png

Account teams go first class
– Workflows and lightning processes and flows
– classic* and lightning!
2 tweaky exceptions for classic - validation rules and triggers dont fire.
– No record types

The new and shiny
– real lookup fields!!
– run on a schedule
– conditional visibility
– and more…will demo later

– row-level formulas (cross object!)
– field on field filters (only on same object)
– will demo later

Check ‘where is this used’ now includes reports – mostly

For a report to show up in the list, the field must be used as a column in the report. References to a report filter, grouping, or custom summary formula do not appear.

Activity Timeline
– way improved ux
– all activities including archived activities show up.
– mark task complete with one click
– its kinda like a real task manager

Email Composer
easily add attachments from record
– copy and paste images
– paste tables with styles
– utf-8 (localized) email addresses coming in summer20

New mobile app
– lightning on mobile!
– app launcher, record pages, flows, everything
– can set page visibility for desktop vs mobile

Permission set groups
– will make some things simpler and others more complex
– useful for customizing permission sets in managed packages

Be Prepared
Lightning : ready or not, here it comes
– enabled in October for all standard profiles in all orgs
– new users will have lightning as default environment
– supposedly this preference can be set via the api…have not tested
– should not be a major issue unless you are stuck in classic and are using standard profiles (ie all your users are system admins in which case you larger problems).

Site guest users get locked down (critical update)
– will be much more secure by default
– no edit or delete perms (period)
– auto enabled March 1
– this could be a big problem for a number of folks and apps that are using sites in creative ways including i’m told volunteers for salesforce
watch this video for the whole truth


Reports demo link
More Power
Evaluate Each Record in Reports with Row-Level Formulas
Filter Reports Using Field Comparisons with Field-To-Field Filters (Beta)
Count Unique Values in Report Results (Beta)

Read long text fields (wrap instead of truncate) (in theory at least)

More Power
Lookups in flows!!! demo link
Conditional visibility of screen components
Run a flow on a schedule
– daily or weekly
– no custom filter logic, just all records or AND logic
Rich text in text templates (allows for rich text emails from flow - no email alert required! Can dynamically set recipients to handle any number of recipients)
Control which flows users can run via profiles / permission sets
Alert the right people when flow fails!

Better panning
Activate without leaving flow builder
A number of improvements that greatly reduce the complexity in flow builder

– learn flow you must

Worth investigation
Einstein Search : looks good but not sure if has cost (some say closed beta)
Enhanced Instant Search Results
Conversational Search withholding a verdict until I see it in action.
control over standard notifications, including chatter and approvals

control access to parts of setup to require HA session
control read access to custom metadata types via permission sets ( related to critical update)
– changes to site guest users to make more secure (covered already)

Critical updates to ponder
Require Customize Application Permission for Direct Read Access to Custom Metadata Types
Enable ICU Locale Formats (Critical Update)

Lost and found (feature parity w classic)
Recycle bin arrives in lightning!!!
Filter list views by topics
Printable list views in lightning (these look very familiar…)


– Move to lightning
Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 10.15.56 AM.png


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