101 little things to make salesforce a lot better

A sporadically maintained list of coal seams smoldering deep in the caverns of salesforce.com that cause needless liver damage in many an awesome admin.

  1. parent case field not available on case close layout
  2. parent campaign field not available on activity with campaign report type
  3. primary contact not available on activity with campaign report type.
  4. primary campaign source not available on opp related lists - without formula field
  5. Amount and expected revenue not available on standard campaigns w opportunities report type, but available w formula fields
  6. cant load data to description field on campaign member?
  7. link to view hierarchy on case list view (why do i have to create a field for this)

Some standard fields that cant be renamed (though idea is marked as delivered)

  1. owner (on standard objects, can be renamed on custom objects)
  2. account name (local) (thought contact name local can be renamed)

About me on user

  1. is not available in workflow or validation rules
  2. is not available on standard user report type
  3. is available on custom report type on user
  4. List view default sort order is not planned!

Description fields and Help text

  1. Need a Description field on public groups : because they are used everywhere
  2. Need a Description field on standard fields : because we are not all the same
  3. No help text for name fields on standard objects : from c. 2011 folks. holy cow this is my idea!

Buttons / Links / Actions

  1. URL List buttons will not open in a new window (the option is disabled). So you create the same button as execute javascript and voila, it works. Oh yeah, lightning doesnt like js buttons i hear.

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