salesforce integration user

stumbling in the dark…found a path

option 1 - this works

option 2 - this is supposed to work, but would not for me

i am unable to assign a perm set that grants access to standard objects to the users, even though assigning the permission set with the license type = salesforce integration SHOULD expand what is allowed by the minimum access - api only integration profile to allow for this.

and you cannot grant FLS/CRED to standard objects in a permission set with license type = salesforce integration. the objects just dont show up.

so just use option 1. and forget about the documentation…

note: when assigning the perm set license in option 1, the list of permissions on the page makes it look like you are granting a ton of permissions, but you are not.

Screenshot 2024-04-04 120646.png

Permission set licenses extend the functionality of user licenses. With permission set licenses, you can assign more permissions to users than their user license supports. (documentation)

So assigning the Salesforce API Integration permission set license expands what is allowed with the Salesforce Integration user license. This allows salesforce to control how many active integration users you can have. You still have to assign the actual permissions via a permission set.


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