exporting field help text and description in bulk

TIL that you can create custom report type on entity definition + field definition to report on your fields!

h/t : https://www.asagarwal.com/how-to-report-on-objects-and-fields-defined-in-salesforce/ and Anna Loughnan

However I could not include field help text, though it is listed in the tooling api docs for fielddefinition

then i tried a custom report type on entity definition with entity particle, and added field definition via lookup

this worked in theory - i could include description and inline help text.

but when i ran the report, field description remained blank. other folks said the report type worked for them, so i should test more as the report types would be really simple to use. so try that first.

instead I ran a soql query to test it out, and this works

select entitydefinition.label, inlinehelptext,fielddefinition.description,fielddefinition.label from entityparticle where entitydefinition.label = 'Opportunity'

and you can also include the defaultValue for the field by adding the DefaultValueFormula field

select entitydefinition.label,inlinehelptext,fielddefinition.description,fielddefinition.label,DefaultValueFormula from entityparticle where entitydefinition.label = 'Opportunity'

there are a bunch more options, have not explored them all. see the docs and figure out what is useful for your use case!


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