DCNPUG Summer17 Release Overview

Release Notes : https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/salesforce_release_notes.htm

Notable Features : Tried to focus on end users in classic, but a bit of dev and lightning only stuff in here too.

Salesforce Optimizer : Summer 17 covers more ground (apex, vf, limits, chatter usage, salesforce 1) than Spring. Optimizer is pretty sweet. If you haven’t tried it out yet give it a shot.

Search for opps using account name

Duplicate Management : lead-contact matching Duplicate management is pretty sweet. Try it out. Note - doesnt play nice with flows (yet).

App to convert attachments to files Files are better. But you probably didnt want to leave the old attachments behind, and now you dont have to.


add to campaign button on custom report types

see which campaigns accounts are responding to lightning only & requires customizable campaign influence

promote existing picklist to global picklist

formula based default picklist value

dupe management
cross object contact - lead matching

create case comments on mobile / lightning

lightning for outlook / gmail
lightning email templates - with merge fields lightning only

relate records to all related folks w one click!

Lightning for Gmail is GA

Change to permission set deployment behavior - release notes and my blog post on it

and more
Prevent users from switching from lightning to classic

Lightning Features Not Available

Einstein Einstein Einstein

Notable Pilots :
Community 360

Einstein Spam Detection (communities)

Chatter Out of Office Messages

*Notable Betas : *
Salesforce DX

Skype for Business in Salesforce users dont need admins to set it up

Bring CMS content into communities from adobe experience manager only at this time

Encrypted Fields in Flows and Process Builder

Lightning Data Service

*Critical Updates : *
Stop Field Updates from Suppressing Emails for certain activities in salesforce the cause emails to be sent, if the change causes a process workflow or trigger to fire that updates the record, the email would be suppressed. Who knew!

+ more…mostly dev focused


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Preventing duplicate junction object records

Native dupe management only allows you to reference a single lookup field. So it cannot prevent duplicate junction object records. By using a (new in spring 20) before save flow to concatenate the two IDs into a single text field, you... Continue →