Its 2018

Welcome to 2018 yall. There was a recent post on the hub that got me thinking about my long running list of random stuff that as far as i know you still cant do in salesforce, even in the year 2018.

So here they are, in no particular order. Some of these may be fixed in lightning already, which i will find out later this year when we launch!

  1. you cant remove the submit for approval button from the approval history related list. you can submit via flow and process builder now, admins need to be able to remove the standard button. its. one. button.

  2. the lack of a description field on public groups. public groups are used literally everywhere, and there is no easy way to extract the info on where they are used. i’ll take 255 characters, anything at all really, please?

  3. cant map to the standard contact other phone field on lead conversion. lead has two standard phone fields : mobile and phone. contact has three : mobile, phone, and other phone. so, if you want to map other phone from lead to the contact standard field, you need a hidden dummy field + a workflow rule. sure that works, but why have 3 fields on contact and 2 on lead - just make them match up and happiness shall flow.

  4. cant view the contact’s role on the opportunities related list on contact. opportunity contact roles have a rather fundamental field called ‘role.’ and for some reason (Parker Harris himself told me so), its really hard to display the role itself on the opportunity related list on the contact record. And i think this goes for the ‘primary’ checkbox as well. But…those are really really important. Or so i think anyways.

  5. we cant use salesforce mobile app to access the trailblazer community. its all your own product - make it happen! i know there are two bazillion users now, but dial it to 11!

  6. you need to use a formula field to view primary campaign source on opportunity related lists and to filter on primary campaign source in standard opportunity reports. because, who doesnt like adding clutter just to be able to report on stuff that is already there b/c you can just add a formula field and voila. so, like, fix that please.

  7. the ‘parent case’ field is not available on the case close layout. ok, its probably not a thorn in many people’s sides. but, why? someone must have gone the extra mile to prevent that field from showing up as an option on the close case layout. at least give a reason!

  8. cant rename owner on standard objects - even though the idea is marked as delivered. it can be renamed on custom objects. sometimes owner doesnt really convey what we are after. its kinda old-fashioned if you think about it. so let me rename it please!

  9. Opp amount and expected revenue fields are not available on standard campaigns with opportunities report type, but are available w formula fields. i had this one noted down before and will take my own word for it, since i have to get back to work. but back to that whole clutter thing.

  10. and last, in case you missed it, you still cant remove the submit for approval button from the approval history related list. even though its 2018.

BONUS ROUND - adding more stuff as i feel motivated to do so

Multicurrency woes :


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